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28 May 10
Saturday morning schlepp on Brunswick St, Melbourne.

Saturday morning schlepp on Brunswick St, Melbourne.

24 June 09

Having watched every other amazing episode of Positive Footprints being shot, edited and pushed out to the world, I couldn’t help but feel the need to be more involved.

After some budget bashing, unnecessary auditioning ( I so should’ve been in that unseen ‘So you think you can beg for Cambodia trip’ pilot) I packed up my bags to join a World Expeditions Community trip in Cambodia with 10 other committed travellers from around the globe.

Our goal - Restore the village school in Balang in 3 days
Our adversary - Stifling heat, monsoon rains, landmines 200 metres away, a nasty bout of gastro!

The project was driven with great passion and commitment on the ground from Human Translation, The Cambodian Orphan Fund and the amazing team of travellers who came aboard this project, from Canada, Australia and the UK. They sweated, toiled, and worked their butts off to get the job done. A truly magnificent bunch of people.

It was an amazing experience for me and I’m very proud to have been involved, representing and the 1,735 World Nomads who donated through our Footprints Program to help supply project materials.

Enjoy !

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh